Life Lessons Learned From Death

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You might not think that working with death can teach you about life but the truth of the matter is there are some very valuable life lessons to be found on the other side of the grave.  And just in case you doubt that to be true, please allow me to pontificate. Never put off […]

As I Age

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I believe I may have mentioned before that my father was a pilot; one who was instrument licensed in single engine planes, planes in which he ferried the living in need of immediate medical transport and the deceased . . . but never my mother.  Well, rarely ever.  She had a terrible fear of flying, […]

Herding Cats

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Once upon a time I was an avid camper and hiker.  Perhaps I should say once upon another lifetime, ‘cause it seems about that long ago.  I loved the outdoors, the woods with their towering trees—especially pines—and the sunlight filtering through the branches.   I hiked and camped all over West Tennessee, and when I say […]

A Single Rose

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It was January 31, 1980 and I had just learned that my elementary school principal, Mr. D. G. White, had died.  Death had come quietly as he slept, its presence discovered by his wife that morning.  Growing up I had always viewed him as a Santa Claus shaped man, minus the beard, who could strike […]


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See that picture?  That’s a thistle.  If you Google it you just learn all kinds of interesting stuff.  Like it’s the national emblem of Scotland, allegedly saving them from the Norse army when one unfortunate soldier, while trying to sneak up on the Scots with a whole bunch of other soldiers, stepped on one and […]

In Memory

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There are any number of places one can go on holidays like Memorial Day.  You can visit the lake or the river, take a mini-vacation over the long weekend, spend quality time on your deck grilling with family and friends . . . or you can do what I do and visit a cemetery. Despite […]

Beautifully Imperfect

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Last night, while occupying my bed and chasing sleep, I listened to them.  This morning, while attempting to ready myself for vacating the house, they droned in the background.  And when I open the door . . . any door, it really doesn’t matter where . . . they grow louder.  As a matter of […]

Just One Card

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Mother’s Day in 2008 rolled around just like it always had; the date was May 11th and, as usual, I was standing in the card aisle at Wal-Mart a few days before, trying to find an appropriate card before they were so picked over that only the sucky ones were left with no envelopes to […]

The Bumpy Wheel

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I am a Wal-Mart shopper.  That is not stated with any pride whatsoever, simply as a matter of fact.  They occasionally provide everything on my list in one large, expansive, overcrowded, difficult to navigate location.  And they occasionally do not hide the items from me so I can eventually find what I think I need. […]

Look for the Helpers

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We live in an age where nothing can be hidden, blessed with technology that constantly reminds us of death and destruction and devastation, of carnage and war and those whose only goal in life is to gain for themselves that which they must take from others, no matter the cost. We cannot turn on a […]