Beautifully Imperfect

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Last night, while occupying my bed and chasing sleep, I listened to them.  This morning, while attempting to ready myself for vacating the house, they droned in the background.  And when I open the door . . . any door, it really doesn’t matter where . . . they grow louder.  As a matter of […]

Just One Card

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Mother’s Day in 2008 rolled around just like it always had; the date was May 11th and, as usual, I was standing in the card aisle at Wal-Mart a few days before, trying to find an appropriate card before they were so picked over that only the sucky ones were left with no envelopes to […]

The Bumpy Wheel

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I am a Wal-Mart shopper.  That is not stated with any pride whatsoever, simply as a matter of fact.  They occasionally provide everything on my list in one large, expansive, overcrowded, difficult to navigate location.  And they occasionally do not hide the items from me so I can eventually find what I think I need. […]

Look for the Helpers

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We live in an age where nothing can be hidden, blessed with technology that constantly reminds us of death and destruction and devastation, of carnage and war and those whose only goal in life is to gain for themselves that which they must take from others, no matter the cost. We cannot turn on a […]

Give It Time

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See that tree in the picture?  The one with no leaves?  The one that looks like it’s as dead as the proverbial doornail (whatever that means)?  Well, it isn’t.  It just takes its own sweet time leafing out each spring.  I honestly can’t tell you what type of tree it is, not because I don’t […]

Through the Storm

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One morning, while trying to make my way to the kitchen end of the house and the driveway beyond without tripping over a cat, something outside my front door caught my eye. It was just the briefest moment of shocking pink . . . the kind that makes you back up and take a long, […]

Top Ten Reasons to Reconsider Cremation

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We were in bookkeeping not long ago (have you noticed that a fair amount of insanity originates from this location? It’s kinda like the Bermuda Triangle but for intellectual thought instead of ships) when one of our number mentioned having read where someone’s ashes were placed in an urn that resembled a purse, and that […]

Life and Death Decisions

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For weeks now I have watched in horror and disbelief as the story behind the crash of Germanwings flight 9525 unfolded.  Upon hearing of the tragedy, my first thought was that it could not have been an accident and sadly enough, my first thought proved to be correct.  As I sat contemplating how anyone could […]

The Light Beneath the Door

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As I have mentioned previously, there are those evenings when I end up being the only living person in the building, usually due to work that I haven’t managed to accomplish during the day. On those occasions I’m in and out of the office up front, digging in the records or the candy bowl that […]

I Can’t Adjust

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I know I’m not supposed to hate. I’ve been taught that for as long as I can remember . . . but I would like to state, for the record, that I absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt, HATE daylight savings time. Did you know it’s a scientifically proven fact that the Monday […]