Bound Together

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The service had ended.  The last scripture had been read, the last prayer uttered.  The pall bearers removed the roses from their lapels and moved toward the tent, flowers in hand.  The first four laid theirs on the casket, as was customary.  The fifth handed his to the daughter.  The last moved toward the granddaughter, […]

But What About the Books?

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I am a lover of books, pure and simple. I do not want my reading material on an iPad or a Nook or a Kindle or any other new-fangled piece of technology. I want to hold a book in my hands, to feel the pages beneath my fingers, to be able to close it when […]

Walk With Me

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  My phone rang at work this past Sunday. Not an unusual occurrence, even less so since it was my husband calling. My hello was met with “You want some more bad news?” No. No, I do not. Why would anyone want bad news, let alone more bad news? That was my first thought, immediately […]

Out With the Old . . . In With the New

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Generally, I’m on the front row at church, not because I like the front row but because no one else does, so I always have a place to sit. It’s actually the front side row since we have two small sections to either side of the auditorium with eight or so pews in each. But […]

Everything . . . and the Kitchen Sink

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If you follow our Facebook page, or even just glance at it occasionally, you probably know that we’re undergoing a major renovation in Savannah.  We put in a handicapped accessible restroom and completely redid the men’s.  We’ve gutted the women’s restroom and are putting it back while redoing Parlor B after redoing Parlor C.  There […]

A Safe Place

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I went to Corinth, Mississippi this past Tuesday, as a passenger rather than a chauffeur, which allowed me to actually look at something besides the highway that stretched before me and all the dogs and cats and squirrels standing at the edge of the road, just waiting to jump in front of my speeding vehicle. […]

Is That You, Herman?

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I was driving home from work one evening, just about dusk. My van was on auto-pilot, making its way down my street while my mind was replaying the day’s events and trying to remember anything I might have forgotten from my to-do list. As I reached the grain bins behind the farmer’s co-op, the corner […]

Come Together

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We met in the service hall of the funeral home.  We had grown up together, although not exactly the same age, but we were in high school together and attended church together.  As we aged, our paths had taken very different directions; one was an elected county official, one a cosmetologist, one an accountant turned […]

Life Lessons Learned From Death

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You might not think that working with death can teach you about life but the truth of the matter is there are some very valuable life lessons to be found on the other side of the grave.  And just in case you doubt that to be true, please allow me to pontificate. Never put off […]

As I Age

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I believe I may have mentioned before that my father was a pilot; one who was instrument licensed in single engine planes, planes in which he ferried the living in need of immediate medical transport and the deceased . . . but never my mother.  Well, rarely ever.  She had a terrible fear of flying, […]