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When my husband and I first married, we lived upstairs over the funeral home that’s on Main Street in Savannah . . . the one that recently had an apartment for rent . . . only not the apartment we occupied.  We were in the one that was once the abode of my great-grandmother, Loura Paisley Shackelford—the place she spent the last 20 plus years of her life.  Of those last 20 years, some of them found her bedridden in that apartment, and on October 4, 1960, she died—in that apartment.

Since then, several other folks had occupied the space with no weirdness going on—at least not that they mentioned.  And I won’t say we had an abundance of weirdness.  Just the occasional unexplained event.  Like when I leaned the broom against the kitchen cabinets so I could wash the dishes and it decided to scoot in my direction.  Not fall.  Scoot.  Or when the lamp on the end table in the living room just came on one night while we were lying in bed.  All by itself.

Now, we manufactured explanations for both of those events . . . plausible, natural explanations that we convinced ourselves were the case, mainly because my great-grandmother never had much of a sense of humor (at least not that I was aware of), so the possibility of her playing tricks seemed remote at best.

Fast forward forty something years and I’m sitting in bookkeeping at the new funeral home, reading all the comments that were made in response to the apartment that’s for rent in the old building.  Granted, I did note that you should realize it’s haunted (not because it really is but because that’s what everyone assumes), but several people mentioned that as a reason they would never live there.  Of course, even more said it didn’t matter and some were actually excited by the prospect.  What most people don’t realize is that, given the history of the world and the number of years people have inhabited the planet, you probably can’t put your foot down somewhere that someone hasn’t died.

For instance, what would you say if I told you that two people have died in the lounge at the funeral home in Savannah?  Obviously, it wasn’t the lounge then; it was an apartment which served as the residence of my parents and, for a period of time, my maternal grandmother.  She departed from what was their den and what is now the area in front of the coffee pots.  My dad?  We were fortunate enough to be able to keep him at home during the last years of his life—home being the apartment.  His hospital bed was set up so he could look out the window . . . the window that now sits between the two upholstered chairs in the room with the vending machines.  And that’s where he was when he took his leave on November 23, 2009.  For my mother we had moved a bed into the living room from an upstairs bedroom since the stairs might as well have been Mount Everest.  Her last breaths were drawn in the room that’s on the other side of the lounge wall, the one that requires a key to open the door because it hasn’t been converted into business space yet.

See?  One small space and three demises in the span of less than 25 years.  Imagine what happens when you multiply that by the population of the world up until now?!  You find yourself back to my previous observation . . . you probably can’t put your foot down somewhere that someone hasn’t died.

So why am I making everyone aware of this –this which may be extremely disconcerting to some of you?  Because it’s a fact and it’s true and it is, despite our feeble attempts to circumvent it, the inevitable end for most everyone who walks the earth.  I say most because, according to Biblical history, two mere mortals were not required to meet Death on his terms.

I’ve often told folks the dead will never hurt you; it’s the living you have to worry about.  I still stand by that statement especially since, in all my years of wandering the halls at night in a building filled only with the deceased, they’ve never offered to bother me (if any of the employees get any ideas just be aware—you probably won’t have a job afterwards), although I do believe Dave Hayes and now Charlie Baker rummage around in the tool box in the garage some evenings.  Am I going to declare, without reservation, that ghosts truly roam the earth?  No.  No, I am not.  But I’m also not going to say they don’t.

I’d just as soon none of them show up to prove me wrong.


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  1. There May be ghost in the building so what they were before anyone was that is there home and just because their souls went to heaven doesn’t mean they have to leave Savannah ghost are not here to hurt you unless they know you are here to hurt them or their home and the people around them and you are a lot safer in their home then you are on the streets. When I got ready sick and I thought I was going to die I came to just a few minutes to look up and see my dad standing at the end of my bed and told me to get up and go through the surgery and get better I had to get back home I had a family to take care of and the next morning I went through surgery and two days later I went home and I stayed in ICU for 4 days before this happened so if you are scared of a ghost then you might want to move out of Savannah because I would want to live in a home with a ghost where I know that they are not going to hurt you unless you hurt them

  2. Avatar Patricia wright says:

    I believe in them but never seen one, but years ago my dad lived in Georgia and his house has spirits in there… he said he tried to communicate but never replied…. dad and my 2 sisters were sitting at their kitchen table just chatting and there was a spirit of a woman just cleaning off the table, another day, a spirit came out of a bedroom went into another bedroom and she wore a hat and she looked scared ( is what my stepmom said). Another time when we went up for a visit my son was about 1-2 years old and stepmom was changing his diaper and he pointed said lady. Age 5-6, he stood on the top of stairs and saw this spirit or ghost passed him, his dad saw him and knew what happened. We never told him about the ghost… until that night…..he is now 31 years old and still remembers that and believes it. Later back in 1994 my dad had a massive stroke and pronounced dead at hospital, but I think he died at home…. my stepmom saw a spirit of him there….so that is the last I heard of spirit in that house……she has moved out afterwards….so when people see these spirits, it won’t hurt you…..on another note we have lived in my house for 25 years now and my 2 kids and husband has seen spirits in my house…..I haven’t seen it yet….unfortunately it’s ok they never tried anything…..people say when your remodeling a home, it’s making the spirits move around……

  3. Avatar Ken Masters says:

    “the dead will never hurt you; it’s the living you have to worry about” 100% AGREE
    Thank you, great article.

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